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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Changing Lives!

fitness, diet and good shape concept - sporty woman showing big pantsMD Weight Loss and Spa was initially formed to address the national pandemic of weight gain in America today. By creating a safe, effective weight loss system to address each person’s weight loss goals and issues on an individual level, our goal is to make a difference among all of us who struggle with their weight.

Our highly successful weight loss clinic offers the latest FDA-approved weight loss prescription medications along with B12, B complex, Lipo-B, and Lipo Plus injections. Our nutritional products are available only from our medical doctors.  You are serious about losing weight and weight loss is what we do quite well.  You will find our staff of weight loss doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses to be experts on weight related illnesses, obesity, nutrition, fitness, prescription medications, and behavioral motivation and modification.
We offer a variety of weight control services in the San Diego area including a personalized diet plan as well as other tools used to meet your goal weight every month. Our team of board certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses will help you learn about portion control, how to curb emotional eating, improve food choices, and use exercise to achieve and maintain your goal weight. Call us at (858) 485-5500 for a FREE consultation today!

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