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5 Weight Loss Suggestions Everyone Can Use

Calorie restriction plus controlling appetite are major keys to a successful weight loss 

Smiling young woman happy about what the scale showsA low calorie diet is extremely important in an overall weight management program.  A system which includes calorie restriction will allow you to lose a great deal of weight and for it to be done in the most effective fashion.  Meanwhile, we definitely recommend drinking a glass of (preferably hot) water before each meal.  This is shown to allow you to eat less during your meals.  Of course it is advised that you drink plenty of fluids (especially water) during the day.

Change that same old exercise routine to make it fun and different

Sometimes a variation on the usual routine for exercise can use a different muscle group and hence would allow weight loss in areas which were not targeted before.  So we recommend switching exercise program to make exercise not only fun and exciting, but also a trigger for other areas of the body to do their share of weight loss.  As always, stay away from TV as much as possible.  When you are watching TV, you get exposed to food advertisements and they have also been shown to increase hunger (after-all, isn’t this their whole purpose?).

Avoid medications which can cause weight gain

Every medication has its own side effect profile.  Some of these side effects will cause weight changes.  It is always important to check the medication to see if it can cause weight fluctuation.  For example, many of the anti-depressants will cause weight gain.  However, there are some which have less possibility.  For example, wellbutrin (bupropion) and effexor (venlafaxine) would be two such medications.  Also remember that there are other medications which are either weight-neutral or actually promote weight loss.  Always check with your prescriber to see if you can be switched to another such medication.  By the way, benadryl (diphenhydramine), an over the counter medication, which at times is used for sleep, can cause weight gain.

Fitness apps are tools, not the solution for weight loss

Portrait of beautiful young woman eating a bowl of healthy organic salad and smilingIn today’s world of technology, the “apps” have become quite useful in getting us organized, notify us of new findings, and help with keeping us on track.  There are many apps on the market which are useful in keeping tally of many of our daily activities; weight loss is no different.  But it’s important to realize that these are just “apps.”  Think of them as adjuncts for weight loss.  It is however, quite useful to look at the results and review them as they will allow you to monitor your progress.  Even if you are the “pen and paper” type of person, keeping track of your consumption and exercise can be quite useful and lead to a  more effective long-term plan.

Avoid sugary beverages all together

Soda or pop drinks could become quite addictive.  Many times it is the sugar (or its substitute) which provides the “refreshment” instead of the actual liquid itself.  The added caffeine can also cause a sense of withdrawal if the body has not gotten its dose of the day.  Therefore we recommend you to avoid any / all forms of sweet beverages, whether it is carbonated or not.

Remember that these suggestions can be helpful not only for you, but also for other loved ones (family or friends).  Specifically, children are always at risk for obesity unless we set an example of good eating habits.

Please call us at 858-485-5500 to set up a free weight loss consultation.  We would then be able to address your specific medical history along with your goals.  We are then able to tailor a  program that is not just doable, but also enjoyable!